A gang of genesis Smircs land on Earth for the first time, [133 out of 200] to be exact. Smircs have officially landed and the party-war is just getting started. 

Three collabs with the human race
Blssnd, Wrath & Unjust & more to come

Status: Ongoing

Smircs embark on their first collaboration with a big brand, this time with GameStop. These special edition Smircs won’t be hanging around for long so don’t miss your opportunity to own one.

Status: Completed

Following the successful landing of the genesis Smircs, the Smircian High Council plan to send [6666] generative Smircs to Earth. 

Status: Ongoing

We will be running several exciting giveaways towards to end of the year and will also be releasing more utilities for your Smircs, including toys, sculptures, accessories, chains, headwear, suits, and more!

Status: Preparing to launch Q4 2022

In Q3 2022 we will launch another collaboration, this time with a Scandinavian fashion designer. Trust us, these clothes will be arriving in style and you won’t want to miss out. 

Status: Preparing to launch Q4 2022

When you buy / mint a Smirc you will have answered the prophecy the old oracle once determined would yield the outcome for the Smircian race for millennia to come: which Smirc are you?

It will also mean you are accepted as a citizen of Smircia, and using your Smirc as your Smirprofile picture demonstrates that you are part of the tribe.  

Our ambition is to create a brand that will ultimately become iconic and withstand the test of time. In order to achieve this we plan to collaborate with like-minded brands, to be able to offer our owners unique products that resonate with our community. 

As the brand continues to grow over time it will also add value to our community and owners, something we are strongly committed to achieving. 

The team has the right contacts and experience needed to achieve this ambition, but of course it will take time and patience. Remember, Smircia wasn’t built in a day.

We want to achieve this vision by growing organically and together with the “exceptional few” members of the human race who believe in what we do. Together we believe we can achieve greatness. 

So, the question remains: which Smirc are you?